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27.09.2018 Готовимся к учебному году в школе и детском саду.


24.07.2018 Каталог ImseVimse 2018-2019!


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Обувь, плавательные костюмы, кепки, футболки и шорты для купания.


01.05.2018 ImseVimseКаталог 2018 на русском языке! 

21.04.2018 ImseVimseНовые принты наших популярных тренировочных трусиков для приучения к горшку поступили на склад в Москве!

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«Самый надежный многоразовый подгузник для плавания 2017». Читать далее >>>


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Lovely washable nursing pads and breast warmers. Choose from several different models and sizes. 

Soft nursing pads entirely of organic cotton flannel, which picks up the extra milk flow before and after breastfeeding. Wash before use. 

Smooth nursing inserts with a waterproof outer layer that prevents wet spots, absorb leaking milk, and keep the skin dry.

Breast warmers made of wool and silk protect your breasts and keep them warm. Wool and silk are natural materials that allow the air to circulate around your skin, keeping nipples dry and preventing soreness.

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ImseVimse washable sanitary pads provide soft and natural menstrual protection.
These flannel sanitary pads allow your body to breathe and help you feel fresh during your periods. Because your skin breathes when you use flannel sanitary pads, you are less likely to get thrush infections. 

The pads are thin, smooth and stay firmly in place, so you feel confident and fresh. They allow your skin to breathe and many women are delighted to discover that, when they switch to ImseVimse’s sanitary pads, itching and fungal infections become problems of the past. If you chose the printed pads use the printed side next to skin. Wash before use. 

The pads are made of natural, pure, environmentally-friendly cotton that is guaranteed free from chemicals. What’s more, it’s convenient and reassuring to know you always have sanitary pads!

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